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We are proud to announce our new product, the AR Gaiters P Cloth. Pee cloths and pee rags are pieces of fabric used to pat yourself dry after peeing - primarily used by women. An AR Gaiters P Cloth replaces toilet paper and is designed to dry away pee - not poo - so that you can dry-off after doing a wee. It is reusable, considerate of the environment and other outdoor users, and zero waste. 

  • Soft, absorbent hemp-fabric side for drying off
  • Colourful, waterproof backing to display to the world
  • Rust-proof eyelet and convenient small carabiner to clip your P Cloth on to your backpack, tent lines or washing line.
  • Plastic popper that keeps your P Cloth closed whenfolded it in half, protecting the soft side from dirt, hiding wet stains and allowing it to discretely dry.

Hemp fabric has antimicrobial properties. It softens with washing without the fibres degrading. It is a durable fabric with good abrasion resistance, which makes it long lasting. Hemp is breathable and can be washed easily. 


  • Soft, absorbent fabric: 55% hemp / 45% Organic cotton
  • Colourful, waterproof backing: Oxford fabric (polyester)
  • Dimensions: 18cmx18cm
  • Weight: 14g


While out on the trail, you do not have to wash your AR P Cloth daily. Use it and then  hang it on the back of your pack to allow your P Cloth to dry between uses. It is your choice whether you choose to rinse it daily or every few days; or wait until you get home after your trip to wash your P Cloth.  

Use cold or luke-warm wash with soap or fabric detergent to clean. Your P Cloth can be washed in a machine but we recommend handwashing to maintain the waterproofing of the backing fabric long term. After washing, hang it up to dry in fresh air and sun.

Who should use an AR Gaiters P Cloth?

Everyone! Whether you are a traveller, hiker, trail runner, walker, adventure racer, marathon runner, a participant in any other outdoor activity or just a regular person, you need a P Cloth. A P Cloth will see you through those times when public toilets do not have toilet paper or you need to stop roadside while travelling. Using a P Cloth for outdoor pees eliminates the need for toilet paper or having to drip dry. 

In fact, you can even use a pee cloth at home to significantly reduce your use of toilet paper.

Our AR Gaiters P Cloth is for children, teens, women and men.

How do I use an AR Gaiters P Cloth?

Pee and then pat / wipe dry using the soft, absorbent side of your AR Gaiters P Cloth. The printed back is waterproof so you won't get urine coming through on to your hand. Fold in half, press the popper closed and hang on the outside of your backpack to dry (sun will dry it and UV will help to sterilise it). The dark fabric hides any urine staining and folding it in half keeps the soft fabric surface that you use to wipe free of dirt whilst displaying only the colourful print to the world.

Isn't it weird to have an AR Gaiters P Cloth hanging from the back of my backpack?

Bottom line - everybody pees. Displaying - and using - your AR Gaiters P Cloth tells everyone that you are considerate of the environment that you are passing through and that you are making an effort to reduce your use of single-use toilet paper. It also says that you are not one of 'those people' that does a pee and leaves toilet paper to litter the ground afterwards. Displaying your P Cloth will open up opportunities for conversations. Over time, the weird people will be those who do not use and hang P Cloths out to dry on the back of their packs.

Why should I use an AR Gaiters P Cloth?

Using toilet paper, in the wilderness, to wipe dry after a wee presents the problem of suitably disposing of it. If you're running in a race, you're unlikely to want to spend time digging a hole to bury TP. Leaving it there or under a stone is, frankly, littering. Used TP should be put into a bag to take out (on the whole this doesn't happen). With a P Cloth, you can wipe and go, reattaching it as you run.

Giving a shake and drip drying works for a time, but after a few pees and many hours out, your chance of chafing increases, a urine-y odour could surface (if you are a bit dehydrated your urine will smell stronger than usual), and your underwear will just feel less comfortable. There will be travels, events and places where you may not have the opportunity to wash (yourself or your underwear) for hours - or days. Using an AR Gaiters P Cloth improves your comfort and reduces the chance of chafing.

How many times can I use my P' Cloth before washing it?

Well, many times. And certainly for a few pees a day for a multiday activity. It really is up to you and the conditions. In a hot and dry environment, you can use it for days before washing it because it will dry quickly, the sun's UV will naturally disinfect the fabric and, with low humidity, odour-producing bacterial growth will be negligible so it won't smell.