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MountCo strives to bring you the best gear and advice from our knowledge base, along with some great adventures in the beautiful Garden Route.

Each product available through our portal has our stamp of approval. Pop us a message for advice on gear, trails, training or just general advice on outdoor missions. Join one of our monthly “Play Local” Adventures to soak up the vibe and trade some tips.

We are all about the Mountains and the people that roam the contours.

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Jacques, Clare and Zane started GTR in 2010. What started as only a small group of friends meeting for the occasional trail run has since grown to a healthy and encouraging community of like-minded trail runners. GTR is all about the trail running community in the Garden Route and we strive to be as supportive and inclusive as possible

We host regular social runs ranging in distance and difficulty. Our time trial is held every Thursday. Runners can choose between a 3 km or a 5 km route and literally anyone is welcome – no one is too slow or too unfit to join.

Both the time trial routes (and their various segments) are on Strava. We maintain the trails in collaboration with the Hillbillies MTB community.

For more info about the runs, routes and rules, visit

Watch this  short film on our Community to get an even better idea of what we’re all about.


"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about"

-Margaret J Wheatley