Run from sea level to the highest point in the Outeniqua Mountains, Cradock Peak at 1578M above sea level!

Where it started:

Jacques Mouton came up with this idea and completed the first Sea2Summit Challenge in 2018. He ran all the way from Herolds Bay to Cradock Peak to set the first FKT time in just under 3 hours.

We all soon realized that there were much faster options and after a few attempts a new FKT was set by Adrian the Jonge, when he ran with a few friends form Vicbay on 5 September 2020 to better the FKT to 2 hours 21 minutes and 48 seconds. On the same day his wife, Rose de Jonge set the ladies FKT in a time of 2 hours 34 minutes and 15 seconds.

We encourage everyone to try this challenge at least once. Let the challenge continue!

Route description:

This is a multi-surface challenge where you can choose your own route to get from sea level to Cradock Peak. Your time starts on the beach at sea level (by the water line) and stops when you tag the Cradock Peak trig beacon.

The rules are simple, you can start at any location (sea level) and use your own route to get to Cradock peak the fastest. The recommended route is from Vicbay main beach along the tar section, through the George suburbs, ascending the mountain via the George VK. Most runners start with their road shoes and change to trail shoes just before the infamous George VK climb.

Support and seconding:

Let MountCo take care of all the logistics and support along the way. 

The support package includes:

  • Pre-attempt meeting to discuss logistics and route description in detail with runners, supporters and seconds.
  • We will create a WhatsApp group to assist with planning and all logistics
  • Be available at any time to answer questions before and during your attempt. Our experienced team will be out on the route as well.
  • Transport to the start and from the finish back to your car or accommodation
  • Local runners to accompany you on various sections of the route.
  • Seconding and a water-point along the route. Coke, water, energy bars, beers etc. You can also provide your own drop bag for the change over from road to trail shoes and the drop bag will also be at the finish.
  • Live tracking via our tracking app and website. Tracker included.
  • Media support and updates to our facebook page and Instagram account on your progress.
  • A professional photographer (subject to availability) to capture your attempt for big groups. On request for small groups at an additional cost

Sign Up:

Please go to the Sea2Summit sign-up page on this LINK to get more information about this challenge and to sign up! This page is intended for information purposes only.

Once you have signed up, you will be added to a Whatsapp group where further arrangements will be discussed. We will set up a pre attempt meeting to talk you through all the logistics and the route. All the info will also be shared over whatsapp if you cannot attend the briefing.