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What do you get when you combine orienteering-style leg protection and AR Mini Gaiters? AR Adventure Gaiters! These are perfect for orienteering, rogaining and adventure racing when you’re off trails and tracks and have to bash through vegetation. Say bye-bye to scratched legs.


  • Pull-on gaiters
  • Foam padding on your shin; three panels for better fit and comfort.
  • Hard-wearing abrasion- and water-resistant fabric on the front. NOTE: We use black on the front with your choice of available colour/pattern on the back.
  • Lycra around your calf – available in almost any colour and a variety of patterns.
  • Elasticised top for comfort.
  • Velcro ‘tighten tab’ at the top.
  • Built-in AR Mini Gaiter to keep trail debris out of your shoes.

AR Gaiter shin measurementSIZING

  • Measure the length of your shin from your ankle to the knobbly bit of bone at the top of your shin, under your knee.
    • Small: 28 – 30cm
    • Medium: 31 – 33cm
    • Large: 34-36cm
    • X-Large: >37cm

If you’re in between sizes, go for the smaller size. The AR Mini Gaiter, which is attached, accommodates for the difference.

Have you got skinny legs? Please send us your circumference measurements for your ankle, widest part of your calf and below your knee and we’ll customise the fit for you.

Yes! We do make AR Adventure Gaiters for children. We need circumference measurements for the ankle, widest part of the calf and below the knee.

  • Slip the gaiter over your foot and pull up to below your knee. The one with the badge goes on your left leg.
  • Then, put on your socks and shoes and do up your laces.
  • Clip the hook of the AR Mini Gaiter section on your bottom-most lace to get maximum coverage from the gaiter over the top of your shoe and to create tension on the gaiter to keep it in place.
  • Pull the back of the gaiter over your shoe.
  • The elastic in the bottom of the gaiter helps to create tension and to keep the gaiter on your shoe.
  • Included in your gaiter packet are adhesive Velcro tabs, which you can stick on the back of your shoe. Please do this at least 24hrs before using to allow the adhesive to stick properly. This Velcro tab is not necessarily needed – it just depends on the tension of your gaiters and how smooth the rear of your shoe is.


  • Your AR Adventure Gaiters can be washed in a washing machine. Air dry. No tumble drying, please.
  • Using needle and thread, stitch any small holes in the Lycra components (back and AR Mini Gaiter sections). If you can’t sew, use superglue or fabric glue.