The First Ascent Challenge has flown by, and you only have 4 days left to make your time count.

See below where you rank on the updated leaderboard. If you do not have a time or are not on the leaderboard, please contact us for instructions on 067 705 4591

Remember to come and write your name and number of attempts on the board in the MountCo shop from Wednesday. You have until 7 Nov to write your name on the board. The lucky draw winners will be announced on Friday 10 November. 

Join us on Tuesday for the last social run up to the cross.

See current segment crowns below.    

Tonnelbos climb:
Men: Rico Groenewald 25:10

Ladies: Cornel O'Kennedy 31:09
Tonnelbos decent:   
Andre Oosthuizen 16:02
Bianca Brent 19:42
Tonnelbos up&down:
Men: Bernd Lenhrad 49:36
Ladies: Bianca Brent 53:16

Prizes include: 

  • 2 x First Ascent X-Trail Vests 
  • 2 x First Ascent X-Trail Waterproof Jackets
  • 2 x First Ascent Ibex II Hiking Poles
  • 2 x First Ascent Spark Backpacks
  • 4 x First Ascent Yak sak (Lucky draws)
  • 4 x First Ascent X-trail running bucket hats (Lucky draws)
  • 4 x MountCo R250 vouchers

Please remember to:

  • Sign up for the MountCo newsletter
  • Follow MountCo and First Ascent on Instagram
  • Tag @TheMountainCommunity and @firstascentsa on social media
  • Come write your total number of Tonnelbos ascents on the board in the MountCo shop before 7 November

*Please note that only runners that have signed up and followed the entry details qualify for prices


Additional prizes/ Incentives:

*An alternative route up to 'The Cross' will also count towards the number of ascents if trail conditions are not favorable for Tonnelbos Climb. This might be a nice change of scenery for those that have done the Tonnelbos Climb a few times already. Please choose this option in very muddy and wet conditions.

See you out on the trails, the mountains, or the road! 

For more info contact:

MountCo: 067 705 4591