Join First Ascent for the month of October and take part in the MountCo First Ascent Challenge series!

Let's continue to build on our fitness and health this spring with a challenge that is all about Time and the Tonnelbos climb.
You stand a chance of winning some great lucky draw prizes based on the amount of time you spend out there running or hiking for the month of October! Additional points will be awarded for the number of times you run the Tonnelbos climb. You will have to reside in the Garden Route to be eligible to join this challenge. 
Here is a brief summary of how you can earn lucky draw entries:
  • You will be rewarded with lucky draw entries based on your total time run/hike for the month. 1 point for every 6 hours done.
  • Run the Tonnelbos climb where you can earn some additional points. For every 4 Tonnelbos climbs you complete you will earn one additional entry into the lucky draw.
Earn some bragging rights for the fastest segment time up or down Tonnelbos.
GTR will host a First Ascent Tonnelbos social run every Tuesday at 17:30 for the month of October. This is a 7km out and back route.

Prizes include: 

  • 2 x First Ascent X-Trail Vests 
  • 2 x First Ascent X-Trail Waterproof Jackets
  • 2 x First Ascent Ibex II Hiking Poles
  • 2 x First Ascent Spark Backpacks
  • 2 x First Ascent Yak sak (Lucky draws)
  • 2 x First Ascent X-trail running bucket hats (Lucky draws)
  • 4 x MountCo R250 vouchers

You will have until 14 October 2023 to sign up to be in contention for the lucky draw. You must come write your total number of Tonnelbos ascents on the board in the MountCo shop before 7 November.

The lucky draw winners will be announced on Friday 10 November. 

How do I enter:

  • Sign up for the MountCo First Ascent Challenge here
  • Sign up for the MountCo newsletter
  • Follow MountCo and First Ascent on Instagram
  • Upload your runs to Strava. You can track your progress on the Strava challenge pages
  • Tag @TheMountainCommunity and @firstascentsa on social media
  • Come write your total number of Tonnelbos ascents on the board in the MountCo shop.


This challenge is about the duration of your run or hike this October.

The GTR Social Runs and Time Trials are good opportunities to add to your time total.

Your stats will be tracked on Strava via Strava challenges that have been created for the month of October 2023. You will need to sign up on the link above in order to be added to the Strava challenges 😊

Tonnelbos climb:

Tonnelbos downhill:

Additional prizes/ Incentives:
  • Best Trail selfie with visible First Ascent gear. Photo must be posted on social media with MountCo and First Ascent tagged
  • Most MountCo First Ascent Tonnelbos climbs 
  • Fastest Ascent
  • Fastest Descent

See you out on the trails, the mountains, or the road! 

For more info contact:

MountCo: 067 705 4591